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2017 was an outstanding year for Roll20 esports. While we are proud of our accomplishments, we are hungry to push even further towards the top of the game. As we look towards competing in the Gold Club World Championship and the 2018 Heroes Global Championship, we look to position ourselves as world class contenders. With this said in order to meet our goal roster changes were inevitable. To that end, we would like to announce the following changes to the Roll20 esports Heroes roster:

Mike “Glaurung” Fisk mutually decided with the team to not renew contract.

Kyle “Prismaticism” Belaiche has been released following thorough deliberation by team members.

Glaurung and Prismat have been tremendous players and teammates throughout their time on Roll20 esports. Both are top performers in their respective roles and will be a welcome addition to any roster. We appreciated their hard work throughout the season and congratulate them for their accomplishments as members of the Roll20 family. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.

To fill the shoes of Glaurung and Prismaticism we are excited to announce the following additions:

Dane “Daneski” Coleman

Yusuf “Kure” Sunka

Daneski has shown outstanding versatility throughout the 2017 HGC season and he will be a key component in the team’s draft, preparation, and execution going forward. Kure has shown what is possible through drive and passion by growing from Hero League MVP to international contender. His personality is highly contagious and we hope to harness that energy.

"I have learned an incredible amount from playing on this team in the past year; I've learned what it means to be a good teammate and what it takes for a team to compete at the highest level. I wish Prismaticism and Glaurung the best and I am extremely excited to see what the future holds with five motivated players that share a common goal of winning."
-- Justin “Justing” Gapp

“Thank you to everyone for your continued support during my first season of HGC. I am excited to be returning to my original role of ranged and cannot wait to play for Roll20 esports.”
-- Yusuf “Kure” Sunka

In full, the new roster will be:

The 2017 Team

Glaurung — Mike Fisk

Assassin · Twitter · Twitch · Interview

If you’ve watched Heroes of the Storm in the NA region, chances are you’ve heard of Glaurung. Dating back to the earliest beginnings of competitive HotS, Glaurung has always been a fierce competitor. His trademark aggression has made him a flashy centerpiece of any team lucky enough to have him.

During his time on Roll20 esports, Glaurung’s flash and brutal execution on his signature heroes have become target bans for opposing teams giving us an advantage in drafts. His Medivh play in particular caused a newfound respect for the hero in NA and even caught other regions off guard (22-0, never forget).

Goku — Francisco Avalos

Melee/Flex · Twitter · Twitch · Interview

During the summer of 2017, Roll20 esports was the strongest team in NA, but the best in NA was never going to be enough. We needed someone who would help push us into the realm of a world class competitor. That someone was Goku.

While Goku has seen time on many rosters in NA, he has become a dominant force in the solo lane since joining Roll20 esports. His mechanical prowess gives the team the freedom to force their advantages elsewhere and know we have the strength to win every lane. And when the teamfights finally begin, the ominous growl from a nearby bush is a signal teams fear because Goku doesn’t miss Dehaka drags.

Justing — Justin Gapp

Warrior · Twitter · Twitch · Interview

Justing joined the professional HotS scene in mid-2016 with Team Name Change. While TNC always qualified for LAN tournaments, they never could quite break past the hump and land in the top four.

On Roll20 esports, things have clicked into place for Justing. He operates as our lead drafter and fearless frontline. Opponents have learned to respect his tanking with special note given to his prowess on warriors such as Diablo and Garrosh.

Buds — Chandler Gavran

Support · Twitter · Twitch · Interview

As a long time friend of Justing, Buds was also a part of Team Name Change, but in a different role. Buds played the ranged/flex position before he made the transition to support for the HGC qualifiers.

With Roll20 esports, Buds settled comfortably into the support role. His hero pool helps compliment the synergy and wombo combos for which our team is well known. Whether it’s a Leyline Seal into a Malfurion Twilight Dream or a Garrosh throw into an Uther stun, Buds is there to support the team.

Prismaticism — Kyle Belaiche

Ranged/Flex · Twitter · Twitch · Interview

Prismaticism emerged when the team needed help the most. Most players on the team had played with him at some point in time, and when they needed to replace a member at the beginning of HGC, they knew who to ask.

As the flex for Roll20 esports, Prismat’s hero pool can be a little bit everywhere. He’s played everything from Sonya to Abathur and Chromie to Tassadar. Whatever the team needs, he fills the role with the same mechanical skill and determination he would any other hero.

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